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Twist and turn through a dark world of unexpected whimsy and emerge laughing into the sarcastic sunshine. What the fuck was that?? No-one wants to say, “You’ve been mangoed”, but that's the flavour on everyone’s lips. Genres are flying in every direction and no-one is even sure what decade it is anymore!

Mango Thomas is a genre-defying, rule-breaking and mind-bending phenomenon, fraught with laughter, surprise, intensity and excitement! Fusing together a progressive & psychedelic mashup of rock, funk, jungle, dub, idm and a broad selection of world music, Mango takes you on a magical, mystical and eccentric journey from the depths of the soul to the heights of madness!

"Born and raised in the dense, cultural mixing-pot of Manchester's concrete jungle, Mango's perceptive ears and adaptive creativity have enabled him to survive in one of the harshest of musical habitats, forging a unique ability to flexibly manoeuvre between styles and genres from around the world. Mango can often be heard reciting his mating call which the locals fondly refer to as 'throat singing' whilst prancing about in onesies and laying down fat bass lines to woo his admirers."

~ David Attenborough


Manchester, UK



Psycasm // Mood Prog // Multi-Genre

Experimental // IDM // Jungle // D'n'B // Dub // Dubstep // Breakcore // Progressive // Metal // Rock // Funk // Psychedelic // World Music // Mongolian Throat Singing


years active


favourite animal

Hyena ... for its fascinating reproductive system. (Well worth a google!)


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