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genre-defying • rule-breaking • mind-bending


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Hailing from Manchester, UK, Mango is a multi-instrumentalist electronic producer, sweeping you off your cognitive tootsies in progressive, psychedelic journeys through jungle, jazz, funk, punk, drum n' bass, dubstep, metal, and Mongolian throat singing (to name a few). Guided seamlessly through blends and transitions, you'll start off in one place and end up somewhere completely unexpected!


Driven by influences such as Sphongle, Squarepusher, Igorrr, Tool, and System of a Down, and further filtered through modern rave music and classic hip hop, Mango's sound can be defined as angsty undertones topped with humour; skill and finesse splattered with reckless intensity; a well of depth and complexity doubled up as urinal. Mango Thomas is raw, unpredictable and if nothing else ... unique!


Mango performs via Ableton using a midi controller, whilst playing and looping guitar, bass and keyboards and singing both lyrics and Mongolian chants.

After years of playing in bands as a singer, songwriter and bass guitarist, Mango became motivated to focus on solo production and performance in early 2019. Later that year he released his first body of work, the Mango Thomas EP, and in 2020 released his 2nd EP, Mango Thomas Goes De.EP, from which the video for his single Found My Place gained him over 16,000 views and 700+ new followers on Facebook.


He has since played a range of gigs including Moovin Festival (2021) and Beat-Herder Festival (2022 & 2023) and has supported Top Cat in May 2022 and Paddy Steer in March 2023. He has been playing bass in flamoyant jazz-punk band Ask My Bull since 2021, and their drummer, Harry Summers, often plays with Mango for his live sets.


Mango is currently drip-releasing his latest body of work Fuck the Algorithm; an 8-track album with 6 tunes and 2 interludes. Each track is dropping 2 months apart, and the completed work will be up on streaming services in late December.


"Bonkers. Pretty much the only thing missing is the kitchen sink ... but the important thing is… it works. The mix of disparate styles, the matching of modern dance influences to prog sensibilities, the rhythmic complexity, the invention and wit, and the ease with which all those are combined."

Plunger Mag

"Holy wow! I'm spitting my coffee all over the screen. Now, I believe this is what you call a trip."

Ben, CatchTwentyTwo

"Imagine an alternative universe where the Mad Professor is remixing Bootsy Collins, but in this realm Bootsy actually fronts a thrash metal band, and Frank Zappa peers over the mixing board putting his tuppence in; something like that, but more bonkers."




(Not A Cult Festival 2023)

(beat-herder 2023)

"found my place"

(Not A Cult Festival 2023)



"fuck the algorithm"
(2024 - currently releasing)

"mango thomas goes de.ep"

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